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I.Store is a nationwide computer hardware and IT service provider. Our seven wholesale and retail businesses have been operating throughout Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales for over ten years. With over twenty million dollars in annual turnover, we are supplying products and services to corporate customers, schools as well as resellers and home users.


Our competitive advantages include

     A huge range of products and services available

     Competitive pricing as the result of our group bulk buying power

     Multi-state (VIC, NSW, QLD) services and warranty


The scope of our supply range is as follows:

      . Desktop PC Systems, Parts & Peripherals


Major brand name Desktop PCs; Own ISYS brand made-to-order PCs; Notebooks; Parts; Peripherals; consumables, software and Accessories.

      . Networking Service


Windows and Linux base Networking Products and Solutions

      . IT Consulting


Single PC, Complex Networking, Total Solutions for SOHO.

      . Internet Services


ISP for Dial up and Web Hosting; Web Design; Internet Setup.

     . PC System Repair, Upgrade, & On-Site Service


Our mission is to provide comprehensive IT solutions for total customer satisfaction.

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